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Lab Essentials, Inc.

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"Strip Search Ends"
 Reprint from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Thursday, January 20, 2000
written by Jill Sabulis, Personal Shopper




"January means diets for many, but there's a new wrinkle to some of today's popular plans.  Several call for using reagent strips to measure ketones and other substances in the body to monitor the diets' effectiveness.

Followers of Dr. Atkins' Diet Revolution, for example, are snapping up vials of 100 of the paper strips at chain drugstores for as much as $16.  Yet, a local source offers the same product for $6.20 plus $3.80 shipping.

Lab Essentials is a Lawrenceville company run by husband-and-wife team Rod and Laura Templeton.  Through an Internet site,, the Templetons sell all kinds of lab equipment for both professional and home use.

Educational microscopes for students from age 9 are all-metal construction with glass optics, made by LW Scientific, and starting at about $200.

The service has proved a convenient source for doctors, says Rod Templeton.  To visit the Web site, go to or you can call 1-888-522-7226."

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