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What Are Stereo Microscopes?

Stereoscopes are binocular microscopes typically with a low magnification.  They are used for dissections, examining plant and insect life, and for giving a radically different view of everday objects.  They also are used in industrial applications for inspection of electronic components and machine parts.  Lab Essentials offers an expanding line of quality stereoscopes one of which is sure to meet your needs.






Construction Acid and reagent resistant finish
Binocular Head Inclined binocular--Rotates 360
Dual 10x wide field eyepieces
20mm standard eyepieces
Interpupillary distance adjustment 51-81mm
Objectives 2x and 4x or 1x and 3x paired objectives
Working distance 90mm
Adjustment Controls Helical rack and pinion focusing with tension adjustment and slip clutch
Illumination Cool fluorescent dual illumination--top and bottom
Four way switch allows for both incident and/or transmitted light
5 watt bright fluorescent bulb
Stage Frosted glass stage plate
Stage plate diameter 75mm
Power 110v (220v available)
Dimensions Height 12.8"
Length 9"
Width 6.5"
Weight 9 lbs
Achiever 1x3

Achiever 2x4

15x Eyepieces