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NEW! Lab Essentials, Inc. is pleased to announce they are an authorized Hirox dealer for the following states:

Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, Washington DC
Outstanding digital 3D imaging solutions are perfect for applications in the fields of electronics, metallurgy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and forensics.
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KH Series Digital Microscope
CCD Chip
  • All- in-One Portable unit

  • Real-Time 2D and 3D Tiling

  • Quick Extended Depth of Field

  • 3D Display Function and 360

  •  Rotational Live Viewing

  • 3D and 2D Measurement

  • Still and Video Recording

  • Built-in 160 GB Hard Drive and 24x CD/DVD RW Drive

  • ACS (Auto Calibration Select) Feature

  • S-HDR (Super High Dynamic Range) Feature

  • Supports LAN connection

  • 2.11 million pixel / 24 fps handheld CCD camera

  • Next generation interface of firewire 800

  • High transfer speeds of high resolution images

  • Vivid output to large-screen UXGA (1600 x 1200) monitors

  • Two light source options

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