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Click here for info on our complete inspection systems.

60 Bulb LED Segmented Ring Light
Price $210

The new 60-bulb LED ring light is variable and programmable for segmented quadrants to cast shadows when necessary.

Segmented quadrants for shadowing
Fits 40mm-60mm mount rings
110v / 220v auto switching

48 Bulb Variable LED Ring Light
Price $145

Combines the intensity of fiber optic illumination with the affordability of fluorescent models. Forty-eight white LED bulbs, rated for 10,000 hours of life, create intense, shadow-free illumination at "daylight" color (6400k).

48 bright white LED bulbs
110v (220v available) AC input
Control box with dimmer
Fits 35mm - 61mm mount rings

Non-Variable 10w
Fluorescent Ring Light
Price $84

10-watt, non-variable fluorescent ring light

10-watt, 6400k bulb
110v (220v available) AC input
Fits 35mm - 61mm mount rings

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