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Outstanding optical quality and optimal focal alignment make these loupes the perfect choice for dental, surgical, jewelry, and industrial professionals.

View our optional LED Headlights
  • Razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity

  • Extremely high resolution reduces eye strain

  • Ultra lightweight for superior comfort

  • Ergonomic design improves working posture


New! Premium Sport Loupe
Includes case, cleaning cloth, flip paddle, and optical lens protector caps
New! Standard Loupe

Stylish sport frames with comfort gel
nose bridge
One-turn interpupillary adjustment

Galilean 2.5x
Working distance 260-310mm
Depth of field 50mm
Field of view 66mm
Weight 2.5 oz.
Red frames

Galilean 3.5x
Working distance 490-420mm
Depth of field 30mm
Field of view 44mm
Weight 3.0 oz.
Silver frames

Galilean 2.5x
Working distance 420mm
Depth of field 90mm
Field of view 100mm
Weight 3.9 oz.
Ni-alloy frames

Galilean 3.5x
Working distance 360mm
Depth of field 55mm
Field of view 60mm
Weight 4.1 oz.
Ni-alloy frames



Price 2.5x $251 ea. 
Price 3.5x $280 ea. 


Price 2.5x $199 ea. 

Price 3.5x $225 ea. 


LED Headlights
The LED light source mounted in front of the loupes provides unobstructed, shadow-free illumination important for precision procedures. These LED headlights can be used with either of the loupes above or with any existing loupe, glasses, or by itself.
LED Headgear Clip-on LED


Leather-padded for extended comfort
Adustable headband
Includes 3 AA batteries
Overhead strap
Convenient knobs adjust to your head size


Moveable lamp puts light where you need it
LED bulb for 100,000 working hours
Extra-bright, daylight white LED
Price $203
Price $166

Optional AC Power Adapter
110V transformer

Price $65


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