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Affordable & portable fluorescence microscopy
for the diagnosis of tuberculosis and other diseases.

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Microscope Service Kit

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Add the LUMIN to our Revelation III microscope
Just $455

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The revolutionary LUMIN disagnostic system can be retrofit to any
existing DIN standard microscope.

Proven to increase the rate of accurate TB diagnosis by 10 percentage
points or more!

Includes choice of 20x 40x, 60x or 100x(oil) universal objective and proprietary LED light conditioner Uses little space. Small footprint lens and illuminator operate without bulky cords
Converts a standard microscope into a fluorescing microscope in the time it takes to change an objective. Eliminates the need for expensive epi-fluorescent microscopes Safe, long-lasting bulb never needs changing! No harmful UV emissions.
Operates on convenient 12V power or optional solar battery Provides low-cost access to proven disease diagnosis
Includes heavy duty carry case -- it's made to be mobile. Brings appropriate and reliable technology to rural reas of developing nations
Anyone familiar with  tuberculosis, malaria and other widespread diseases is fully aware of their impact on the human population, especially in under-developed areas.   It is estimated by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 700,000 to 2.7 million people die of malaria each year, 75 percent of them African children, a sad and sobering statistic from any point of view. 

Remote locations are usually the areas with the greatest needs, yet diagnosis in these areas can be difficult and costly. Traditionally, fluorescence microscopy has been the gold standard for diagnosis of these diseases, but epi-fluorescent microscopes are expensive to purchase, difficult to transport and expensive to maintain. (Replacement bulbs alone can be as much as $300 each and must be special ordered.)  Lack of sufficient funding often dictates that those who need diagnostic tools the most are simply left without them.

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In contrast to traditional epi-fluorescent microscopes, the Lumin is affordable, portable, durable and reliable.  The universal objective and light conditioner easily retrofit to your existing DIN standard microscope.  Simply remove an objective from your microscope, screw on the Lumin’s 20, 40x, 60x or 100x (oil) objective with built-in light source and plug the unit into any standard 110-220v (Universal) wall outlet power source.  The unit actually operates on 12v DC or with an optional solar battery.  The unit is packaged in a durable, high-impact resistant case for safe transport, and the long lasting bulb will never need changing.

With worldwide cases of malaria and tuberculosis numbering in the millions, the need exists for a reliable diagnostic tool that is cost effective enough to be made available where it is most needed.  It is our belief that the Lumin will fill this need and will lower the overall cost of diagnosis per patient.  The success of this product will be measured not by the amount of revenue generated, but rather by the number of lives that it will affect and improve.  Our stated goal is to make the Lumin available to those who need it at the least possible cost.   

The epi-fluorescence microscope has long been confined to the sterile and protected environment of clinical laboratories. Our hope is that with the introduction of the Lumin Diagnostic System this will change.  Do you feel that the Lumin, if made available where it is most needed, will increase the number of accurate patient diagnoses and at an overall lower cost per patient?  We welcome your questions, comments, suggestions and opportunities. To those of you on the frontline of this battle, we thank you for your sacrifice and compassion.

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Global Malaria Incidence Rates

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