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Mantis Stereo Magnifier
manufactured by Vision Engineering

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Stereo Optics
A hallmark of more expensive microscopes, patented stereo optics deliver true 3D, stereo images, without the need for eyepieces that are difficult to use. Operators can easily switch between true magnifications of 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, and 10x.

Better lighting, both reflected and transmitted, is adjustable for pin-sharp images.  Depth perception and color rendition is truer, making inspection of complex surfaces more accurate.

The latest in ergonomic design provides a wide viewing area to allow operators to wear eyeglasses while working. It also reduces eye strain, which is a source of muscle fatigue. The Mantis design allows an operator to comforably view the projected image, offering longer working distance and greater freedom of head and body movement.


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"The longer you look--the better we look."

Comfortable, quality inspection at an affordable price.

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Mantis Bench Mount
The standard version Mantis is the world's leading viewing system for industrial manufacturing and quality control


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Mantis FX
Mantis FX offers a rigid, focusable stand and bright substage illumination, making Mantis FX ideal for higher magnification work.

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Mantis UV
Mantis UV provides clear, stereo magnified inspection of cracks, flaws and conformal coatings.The ultra-violet/white light sustainable illumination makes fault detection more effective by highlighting minute cracks and pitting.

Specifications of Objective Lens

Lens Magnification Working Distance (mm) Depth of Field
Field of View (mm)
2x 171 25 56
4x 86 11 28
6x 55 5 20
6x SLWD 112 5 20
8x 41 3 15
10x 41 2.5 12

Mantis Price List and Order Form
Part # Description Price To Order


The following items have been discontinued by the manufacturer - please contact us for additional options.
LE001 Head assembly with 2 position turret & dual integral 20w Illuminators
LE001UV Head assembly with UV/shite light illuminator & footswitch


The following items have been discontinued by the manufacturer - please contact us for additional options.
LE002 FX bench stand with focusing stage & substage illuminator
LE003 Boom mount with illumination transformer
LE003C 220v Boom mount with illumination transformer
LE003UV Boom mount for Mantis UV

Objective Lenses

LE222 2x Objective lens $205

LE444 4x Objective lens $250

LE004 6x Objective lens $300

LE008 8x Objective lens $330

LE009 10x Objective lens $595

LE013 6x Super long working distance objective lens $1250

Images and text copyright 2000 Vision Engineering. Used by permission.
Please visit Vision Engineering's website at www.visioneng.com.

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