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Add a BioVID or Evid Camera for the ultimate inspection system



Need illumination?
Click here for details on ouf compete line of illuminatorsl

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Lab Essentials pays freight (UPS Ground, Continental US only) on all microscope orders. If you do not find the combination of specifications you need listed below, please contact us, as many specifications can be mixed-and-matched in custom configurations. We'll be happy to quote you on these special order items.
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Fluorescent Ring Light Illuminator     Boom Stands      Flex Arm Stands
Basic Inspection Microscopes



Click here for special pricing on the Achiever and 15x Eyepieces.

Great for students or hobbyists of all ages!
Choice of 3 objective combinations:
--1x / 3x
--1x / 2x (NEW!)
--2x / 4x
10x Widefield eyepieces
Top & bottom fluorescent lighting

Price $260

Optional 15x eyepieces--
Price per pair $49
Achiever 1x / 3x

Achiever 1x / 2x

Achiever 2x / 4x

Pair 15x Eyepieces

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NEW! Paragon Flex-Arm
Perfect for dental, industrial, and laboratory technicians

Paragon Flex Stand 2004 (small image).jpg (9824 bytes)

Shown with optional
fluorescent ring light

10x / 30x Magnification
Pole mount for large working distance
Excellent light-gathering capabilities--

no powered lighting needed
Black/white reversible stage plate

Paragon on pole stand
Price $215

Paragon with Flex Arm
Spring-loaded hinged arm reaches 2-1/2 feet
Dual Magnification
Wide field of view
Long working distance
Clamp or table mount rotates 360°

Click here for complete specifications

Paragon with Flex arm and choice of heads--
1x/2x... 2x/4x... or 1x/3x
(Please specify when ordering)

Price $525



Professional Stereo Inspection Microscopes

Industrial Inspection Scope


Boom stand available
Click here for details
Vision_On_Boom.jpg (6381 bytes)

Choice of magnifications:
10x/20x... 10x/30x... 20x/40x
Large working distance
Extra-wide field of view
Variable halogen incident light
Fluorescent transmitted light

Perfect for "hands under" work
Boom stand available

Vision on Dual Light Stand
Price:  $425 
On Sale for $380


Vision on Boom Stand
Price $789


For Additional Vision Accessories
Click here

Z2 Zoom
Stereo Zoom Microscope

Z-2 Zoom.jpg (10858 bytes)

Trinocular Head with
"3 tubes live"

For Additional Z2 Accessories click here

Z2-MECH mechanical stage.jpg (9589 bytes)

NEW! Z2 with optional mechanical stage

Magnification from 6.5x to 45x Variable halogen incident light
Fluorescent transmitted light

Pole mount for large working distance
Additional eyepieces & supplementary lenses available
Available with binocular or trinocular head

Zoom Inspection Microcope
Binocular Head--Price $800

Zoom Inspection Microcope
Trinocular Head--includes your choice of CCD tube or eyepiece tube for trinocular. Please specify when ordering.

Price $975

NEW! Optional Mechanical Stage for Z2 base
Price $165

Boom Stand
Perfect for Inspection Applications

Z-2 System.jpg (11649 bytes)
Z2 on Boom Stand
Shown with optional fiber optic light source and dual gooseneck light guides

Vision_On_Boom.jpg (6381 bytes)

Vision on Boom Stand

e-knuckle headholder.jpg (14701 bytes)

NEW Option!
E-knuckle head holder & focus rack (no light)


Use with Vision or Z2 Zoom
Available with table or clamp base
Durable construction
Perfect for hands-under work
Unlimited applications!

Z2 Zoom Binocular with Boom Stand: $1320

Z2 Zoom Trinocular with Boom Stand: $1499

Vision Inspection Microscope with Boom Stand: $789



NEW! E-knuck holder
Price $139


Z2 and Vision Accessories

16x Eyepiece for Vision & Z2 $37.00

20x Eyepiece for Vision & Z2 $42.00

25x Eyepiece for Vision & Z2 $46.00

0.25x Supplemental lens for Z2 $69.00

0.5x Supplemental lens for Z2 $69.00

0.5x Supplemental lens for Vision $69.00

2x Supplemental lens for Z2 $69.00

2x Supplemental lens for Vision $69.00

Mechanical stage for Z2 $165.00

E-knuckle head holder & focus rack (no light) $139.00

CCD Tube for trinocular Z2 $89.00

Variable Fluorescent Ring Light for Vision (and Paragon) $99.00

LED Ring Light for Vision (and Paragon) $225.00

23mm reticle with mounting ring for Z2 & Vision (100 incr. / 0-10) $45.00

Monocular Zoom System

BioVIDZoom.jpg (3629 bytes)

Tedious, repetitive inspections are now history! Your operators will love this system.

Zoom from 7x to 45x magnification
Variable halogen incident light
Variable halogen transmitted light
Includes TFT viewing screen & powerful BioVID CCD camera

Price $1875


The world's leading system for industrial manufacturing and quality control.

mantis.gif (8819 bytes)

Reduced eyestrain and operator fatigue

Magnification Range 2x - 10x

Long working distance allows for easy inspection and manipulation.

More than 90,000 installed units worldwide!

Click here for more information on the Mantis systems

Fluorescent Ring Light
Fits Vision & Paragon
Now with variable light!

fluor ring light 2004 jpg.jpg (5882 bytes)

NEW! Variable lighting control
10-watt fluorescent universal ring light for stereoscopes with variable light setting from Low to High. Fits diameters from 50 mm to 70mm. Provides 360 degree shadow-free lighting. Cool fluorescent-long life. Spare bulb included.

Price $99

NEW! LED Ring Light
for the Vision & Paragon

LED_Ring_Light.jpg (10059 bytes)

Details coming soon!

Price $225

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