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Revelation III

Revelation III-A
Achromatic Objectives

Revelation III-S
Semi-plan Objectives


Construction Acid and reagent resistant alloy finish
Nosepiece Quadruple--multiple ball bearing
Binocular head 45 inclination, 360 rotation, diopter adjustment, 10x wide field eyepieces, trinocular head available
Stage 140mm x 140mm mechanical stage with coaxial drive controls, range of traverse 73mm x 43mm
Adjustment Controls Eyepiece:  interpupillary distance adjustment range 55-75mm; Stage:  lateral and forward/reverse positioning; Tension Control Knobs; Coarse Adjustment:  range of 15mm; Fine Adjustment:  graduation of 2um; Variable Light adjustment:  0-20 watt output
Illumination Moveable Abbe condenser (NA 1.25) with iris diaphram, includes filter holder with filters, halogen light source (6V 20W bulb), mirror attachment for field use,  built in base transformer, 110 or 220 volt
Objectives Titanium finished DIN Achromatic or DIN semiplan: 
4X (NA .10), 10X (NA .25), 40XR (NA .65), 100XR (NA 1.25)--oil immersion       
Dimensions & Weight Weight:  18 lbs/
Height:  15 in/
Length:  9 in/
Width:  7.5 in/