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What Are Stereo Microscopes?

Stereoscopes are binocular microscopes typically with a low magnification.  They are used for dissections, examining plant and insect life, and for giving a radically different view of everday objects.  They also are used in industrial applications for inspection of electronic components and machine parts.  Lab Essentials offers an expanding line of quality stereoscopes one of which is sure to meet your needs.





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A long working distance and extra-wide field of view make ultra-fine details easy to see and manipulate.  Pole mount, variable halogen lighting, and a wide base give you plenty of room to work, and the optional fluorescent ring light offers shadow-free illumination.  Objectives rotate internally with convenient control knob.

Price $425

Binocular Head Rotates 360; dual 10X extra-wide field eyepieces; Optional 15x, 20x, and 25x eyepieces available; Interpupillary distance adjustment 55-75 mm; Diopter adjustment; Rubber eyeguards included
Objectives 1x and 2x or 1x and 3x or 2x and 4x; Control knob rotates objectives internally; Optional supplementary lenses .5x and 2x
Illumination Variable halogen incident light--12v 20w; Fluorescent transmitted base light--110v 5w; Independent switches; Fluorescent ring light option available
Adjustment Controls Large dual focusing knobs; Rack & pinion mechanism; Pole mount--height adjustment
Stage Frosted glass stage plate; Black and white contrast plate included; Specimen clips
Power 110v AC, 2amp fuse
Dimensions Height:  16 in.                        Weight:   10 lbs.
Length:  11 in.
Width:  8 in.
Field of View / Working Distance 10x      22mm FOV      110mm WD
5x        47mm FOV       155mm WD
(5x magnification when using 1/2x reducer)