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New! Alpha 1502 150w fiber optic light
source with Dual Gooseneck
( includes focusing tips)
See below for complete specifications
Price $440

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Alpha 1502 150w light source
with Ring Light

See below for complete specifications
Price $600

Replacement bulb for Alpha 1501 and Alpha 1502 fiber optic light source
Price $25

The Alpha 1502 is a 150-watt quartz halogen illuminator perfect for shadow-free cold illumination in medical applications, industrial assembly, electronics inspection, or microscopy.  Choose either a fiber optic dual gooseneck for flexible light positioning or a ring light illuminaotr, both of which mount on our line of stereoscopes and many other brands as well. Our EKE bulbs offer 40,000 foot candles of high intensity cool illumination with variable intensity from 0-100%. Designed for durability, low noise level, and long life, the Alpha 1501 will brighten your future!


Lamp:  EKE 150-watt, 21 volt
Lamp Output:  40,000 foot candles
Lamp Life:  200 hours at full intensity
Color:  3200 degrees K
Intensity Control:  0-100%
Input Voltage:  110v AC
Fuse:  2 amp
Rugged aluminum housing
Bulb output meter
Internal cooling fan

Focusing tips included
ISO 9002 certified
Dimensions:  6"x7"x5"
Weight:  9 lbs.

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