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a comprehensive directory of diet and weight-loss sites. If you're looking for weight-loss info, this is a great starting point.
a site dedicated to the "bug."  Includes all sorts of interesting facts on insects.  See insects in a different light.
all sorts of freebies from banners to email services to product samples
boxed rock collections, minerals, teaching kits for the homeschooler, teacher, or hobbyist
Website of the Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratories. Author and naturalist Dr. Jack Rudloe offers an educational overview of a variety of marine life.  The site includes pictures and information about lots of interesting sea creatures.   If visiting North Florida, their facility is a must-see.   Homeschoolers will enjoy this informative site.
Site set up by the American Numismatic Association which outlines the history of minting and currency systems.  Especially fascinating is Robert W. Hoge's tracing of the history of counterfeiting.
An interesting page on the anatomy of a leaf.  Also explains why leaves change color in the autumn.  Links to the USDA Forest Service.
A treasury for and about microscopy.  Especially interesting is the silicon chip gallery of photomicrographs (photos taken using a microscope).   Includes downloads simulating use of an electron microscope.   There's some great stuff here--don't miss this one.  (Thanks to one of our customers for this one!)
Debbie's Home School Equipment & Supplies
Providing school furniture, educational equipment and supplies for home school, preschool, elementary, and high school classrooms.