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M2 Trinocular


Construction Alloy; acid and reagent resistant finish
Nosepiece Quadruple--multiple ball bearing
Reverse nosepiece
Binocular head (Seidentopf)
30 inclination, 360 rotation, diopter adjustment, 10x/20 wide field high point eyepieces, trinocular head available
Stage 160mm x 140mm mechanical stage with coaxial drive controls, range of traverse 77mm x 50mm, stage locking lever, lateral and forward/reverse positioning, slow-close hydraulic slide finger
Adjustment Controls Eyepiece:  interpupillary distance adjustment range 50-75mm; Stage: etched vernier scales; Coarse Adjustment:  range of 20mm; Fine Adjustment:  graduation of 2um
Illumination Moveable Abbe condenser (NA 1.25) with iris diaphram, blue and green filters, quartz halogen light source (12V 20W bulb), 110 or 220 volt, Variable Light adjustment:  0-20 watt output
Objectives Din Plan, Semi-plan, Infinity plan: 
Plan 4X (NA .10), Plan 10X (NA .25), Plan 40XR (NA .65), Plan 100XR (NA 1.25)--oil immersion. Additional objective powers also available.       
Dimensions & Weight Weight:  19.5 lbs/9 kg
Height:  16.5 in/42 cm
Length:  10.5 in/27 cm
Width:  8 in/20 cm