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Microscope Service Kit

Mechanical Stage     Blank Slides          Well Slides          
Cover Slips        Carry Case     

Pro Service Kit
A great buy on all the tools necessary for routine adjustments, alignments, and assembly of your microscope:

8 oz. Air Duster, 280 sheets Lint-Free Lens Paper, 1 oz. "No-Residue" Lens Cleaning Fluid, 100 Cotton-Tipped Applicators, 9x9 Microfiber Lens Cloth, Soft-Bristled Dusting Brush, Micro-Glide Gear Lubricant, Allen Wrenches, Double-Sided Friction Collar Wrench, Precision Screwdriver Set, Nylon Carry Case

Pro Service Kit
Price $45

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Includes canned air, screwdrivers, c-wrenches, brush, cotton-tipped applicators, lubricant,  lens cleaning solution, lens paper, soft cleaning cloth, and nylon carrying/storage case!

Mechanical Stage

A device which can be mounted on the microscope stage and which allows for precise adjustments of the slide.  A mechanical stage is very helpful when using higher magnifications where small movements of the slide are necessary.  The Explorer II and the Observer III and IV stages are predrilled for a mechanical stage.

Mechanical Stage
Price $45.00

Mechanical Stage

NEW! Durable, convenient rolling case fits most any microscope. Carry your microscope with ease--perfect for teaching, demos, etc.

Universal Carry Case
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Carry Case
Fitted hard carry cases for our I4, Revelation 3, and Innovation microscopes.

Hard Carry Case i4 / Revelation 3 / Innovation Microscopes
Price $158.00

Carry Case
Soft carrying case fits our Revelation III, Observer Series, Explorer, Achiever, and Paragon microscopes.  Popular with medical students, homeshcoolers, and others who desire portability.

Soft Carry Case
Price $45.00

Carry Case

Slides & Cover Slips

Plain Blank slides--Box of 72-- $15.00

Well Slide Kit--Box of 25 well (concave) slides $12.00

Cover Slips--Box of 100,
22 x2 2mm plastic

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