Welcome to LabEssentials' Customer Focus 2000

"Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in every place you can, to everyone you can, as long as you ever can..."
~John Wesley



Our goal is your complete satisfaction.   LabEssentials will continue to offer only quality products at the lowest possible price.  Purchase with confidence knowing that we stand behind our products and will do what is necessary to earn your business.

2000 will bring changes to our company and to our website.  First and foremost, we will be adding new products to both our educational and laboratory lineups and to our home health test series. Second, we will be making continuous improvements to our site.  We're committed to giving you as much information as possible about our products and providing you with support both before and after the sale.  Coming in the next three weeks a new shopping cart will help make your product selection and online purchasing easier and more convenient than ever.  Lastly, we will continue our popular contests and giveaways.  Each month look for a least one opportunity to win valuable prizes like our MicroQuest and Explorer II microscopes.   Watch, too, for a weekly ketone strip giveaway.  We continue to search for creative, fun promotions to give away products. (Contact us if you have any ideas you'd like to share.)

Most importantly, we want to thank each customer who favored us with his or her business.  Our products were sold to customers in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.  From the clinic in Ghana who was able to purchase a microscope for patient services to the retired gentleman in Illinois, living on a fixed income, who discovered that our URS-4 reagent strips at $11.05 a vial work just as well as the $30 strips he had been purchasing for years, we feel that in some small way we have been successful in making their lives a little better.  Their satisfaction, like yours, is our reward. 

With every product shipped and every inquiry answered our integrity is on the line.  We will not fail in our attempt to make LabEssentials the supplier of choice for those in need of our products.  What can we do to best serve your needs?