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Low Carb?
Low Cost
Ketone Strips

for every application

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Stereo Inspection

Welcome to Lab Essentials, Inc., a worldwide supplier of centrifuges, microscopes, and lab-related products. Please review our product offerings and feel free to contact us with your questions.

What's In the Picture?
Vitamin C: Courtesy of National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

NEW! ZipCombo Centrifuge
Microtube, Microhematocrit, and PCR Rotors
Get the performance of a "stat" centrifuge at a fraction
of the cost!


Best Selling E8 Centrifuges
Tabletop and portable models available

8-place, fixed angle, fixed and variable speeds
Designed, Engineered, & Assembled in the USA!

NEW! Incubators
Stable temperature and even heat
10L, 20L, and 30L models available
Designed, Engineered, & Assembled in the USA!

Introducing the Newton Nm1 Microscope
The World Health Organization states microscopy is the gold standard
for the diagnosis of tropical diseases. The Newton Nm1, a portable and compact device, has performed very well in malaria field trials in Africa and can be a vital tool in the diagnosis and mapping of TB, Malaria and the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in remote locations.

Lab Essentials, Inc. is now offering the full line of Newton Microscopes and accessories.
Please contact us for product information.

Six Shades of Microscopes...

Express yourself with the new 2L NG Colored Microscopes. Choose from six colors!

NEW!  Hirox 3D Imaging Solutions
Focus on Solutions!

NEW! 14-Place Slide Warmer
Stable temperature and even heating
Portable, 12V electronics

Designed, Engineered, & Assembled in the USA!


Robinson Centrifuges.
Made in the USA
Heated, non-heated, and hand crank centrifuges for the petroleum and chemical industries.

Aiming for the stars?
Find out more

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Find out more about the NEW Lumin diagnostic tool. Affordable... effective. Find out how the Lumin can increase the rate of TB diagnosis in your lab by 10 or more percentage points!



Lab Essentials, Inc. offers microscopes for educational, laboratory and inspection applications.  Our product line includes student/educational microscopes and beginners' microscope sets as well as microscope accessories.  For the serious amateur or lab professional we offer a full line of laboratory microscopes (referred to as light microscopes, compound microscopes or compound light microscopes) as well as stereo inspection microscopes (also referred to as inspection microscopes, or stereo microscopes.)  We also offer the Mantis Inspection Systems manufactured by Vision Engineering. Complementing our microscope line are digital microscope camera adapters, fiber optic illuminators and fluorescent ring lights, and microscopy supplies (microscope slides, cover slips, mechanical stages, Pro Microscope Service Kits and educational microscope books.)  Our line of microscope video cameras includes the BioVid, Evid and the MiniVid eyepiece camera as well as video capture cards and TFT Screens.

We offer laboratory centrifuges, blood centrifuges, hematocrit, and microhematocrit centrifuges, such as the LW Scientific Ultra, M24, and Combo lines of centrifuges, and the popular Zipocrit and ZipSpin portable centrifuges.  You will also find the Vulcon Variseal and Cliniseal test tube centrifuges and the MicroSpin 24 Microhematocrit models.  We also offer centrifuge tachometers. A variety of laboratory products includes blood rockers, blood rotators, refractometers, water baths and differential counters.

Our high quality, low priced Urine Reagent Strips test for these parameters in urine: ketones, glucose, protein, blood, nitrite (for Urinary Tract Infections or UTI’S) pH, bilirubin, urobilinogen and specific gravity.  Persons on the Atkins, South Beach and other low carb diets find our ketone test strips (which test for ketones in urine) extremely popular because of our low price, quality and quick delivery.  Compare our price and quality to Ketostix and other urine test strips for ketones.   

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