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Microscope Service Kit

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Revelation III Microscope
Just $455

 Microscopes for educational, laboratory, and inspection applications, microscope accessories, and beginners’ kits can be found in our product line. All are high-quality optical instruments and are guaranteed by Lab Essentials to meet our customers’ exacting standards. Most Lab Essentials microscopes come with a limited lifetime warranty and are ISO-9002 certified so you can purchase with confidence.

Monocular Student Microscopes
Binocular Student Microscopes
Beginner Microscope Kits
Cordless Options

Student Cleaning Kit

Microscope Accessories

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Laboratory Microscopes
Revelation III
M2 Series LabScopes
i-4 Infinity Microscopes
Darkfield Microscopes

Phase Contrast Microscopes

Microscope Cameras

Professional Cleaning Kit

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Stereo Inspection Microscopes

Student Inspection Microscopes
Professional Inspection Microscopes
Monocular Inspection System
Boom Stand Systems
Mantis Stereo Inspection System
Stereo inspection without the eyepieces!
Isis Extended Pupil Eyepieces
Revolutionary new optical improvement accessory.
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Mantis (shown at left)
Isis (shown at right)

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MiniVID Eyepiece Camera

USB Version with software
RCA Version
OmniVID Camera
Microscope Service Kits
Professional Cleaning Kit
Student Cleaning Kit

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Microscope Carry Cases
Soft Carry Case
Carry Case for M2 LabScope

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