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100x Infinity Plan DRY Objective

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Revolutionize Your Microscopy with the 100x Dry Infinity PLAN Objective

Introducing a game-changing innovation in the world of microscopy – the 100x Dry Infinity PLAN Objective from Lab Essentials. This remarkable objective delivers clarity, resolution, and a flat field of view that rivals the best 100x oil immersion objectives, without the hassle of using oil.

Say Goodbye to Oil Immersion Woes

Using oil immersion objectives can be a time-consuming and messy process. With the 100x Dry Infinity PLAN Objective, you can say goodbye to the following oil-related headaches:
  • Never buy immersion oil again
  • No more wiping oil off slides
  • No more cleaning oil off your fingers or microscope stage
  • No more cleaning oil off the 100x objective
  • No more dragging a 40x objective through the oil

Increased Efficiency and Speed

The elimination of oil immersion allows you to scan slides more quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time in your workflow. Imagine how much faster doctors and technicians can analyze cytology slides without the need to slow down for oil application and cleanup.

Versatile Compatibility

The 100x Dry Infinity PLAN Objective is designed to be a drop-in replacement for any LW Scientific microscope, including the i4, Innovation, and Revelation III models. It can also be installed on other popular microscope brands, such as Olympus (excluding the CX23 model), Unico, Motic, Labomed, Swift, Accuscope, and Nikon (with the additional cost of a threaded adapter ring).

Uncompromising Performance

Enjoy the clarity, resolution, and flat field of view you expect from a high-quality 100x objective, without the hassle and mess of oil.

Experience the future of microscopy with the 100x Dry Infinity PLAN Objective from Lab Essentials. Elevate your research, diagnostics, and analysis with this revolutionary solution that combines cutting-edge technology and unparalleled convenience.
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