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Urine Reagent Test Strips

Urine Reagent Test Strips

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LW Scientific Urine Reagent Strips (URS) are easy to use and clinically tested for accuracy. Clearly read results using the color chart on the vial or automated strip readers for quantitative results. These strips are available in many combinations, ranging from specific single tests to nine or ten parameter tests. Each unopened vial of 100 individual test strips has a long shelf life. See the chart on the specifications link below to select the test combinations to suit your needs.

Low-carb dieters use our URS Ketone strips to monitor ketone output in urine, which can be an indicator of diet success.

Please note the our 1 Parameter - Blood, 5 Parameter, and 10 Parameter test strips are for professional use only. Must not be used for “at home” or “over the counter” use.

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