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BioVID 1080+ Camera and 13" Monitor

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Elevate Your Microscopy Presentations with the BioVID 1080+ Camera

In the world of microscopy, visual aids are essential for effective live presentations, client education, and collaborative research. The BioVID 1080+ Camera from Lab Essentials is the perfect solution to elevate your microscopy workflow and ensure your audience experiences stunning, high-quality images.

Exceptional Image Quality and Speed

The BioVID 1080+ Camera delivers beautiful, high-resolution images with amazing sensitivity and speed. Equipped with advanced imaging technology, this camera captures every intricate detail of your microscopic samples, allowing you to present your findings with clarity and precision.

Versatile Connectivity and Storage

Designed for seamless integration, the BioVID 1080+ Camera can be easily mounted on any trinocular microscope with a C-Mount pipe. The provided memory storage enables you to click, save, edit, and view your images and videos, while the HDMI connection allows for side-by-side comparisons when connected to a monitor.For even greater flexibility, the included image capture software allows you to connect the BioVID 1080+ Camera to a PC or Mac via USB, empowering you to manage your visual assets with ease.

Enhance Presentations and Education

Whether you're in a large lecture hall, a classroom, a laboratory, or a clinical setting, the BioVID 1080+ Camera ensures that your clients, students, and colleagues can clearly see the microscope images you're presenting. This camera is an essential tool for research, teaching, and demonstration, elevating the impact of your work.

Diverse Applications

The BioVID 1080+ Camera is a versatile solution that can be utilized across a wide range of fields, including:

  • Research, Teaching, and Demonstration
  • Pathology, Cytology, Oncology, Hematology, Semen Evaluation
  • Dental Applications
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
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