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Digital Differential Counter

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Streamline Cell Counting with the Digital Differential Counter from LW Scientific

Accurate cell counting is a critical task in the laboratory, and the Digital Differential Counter from LW Scientific is designed to streamline this process with its advanced features and user-friendly design.

Ergonomic and Intuitive Interface

The Digital Differential Counter features 8 alternating red and white buttons that have a comfortable, ergonomic feel, allowing for positive and accurate finger positioning during the counting process. The 3-digit digital windows display each cell count, providing clear and precise information.

Labeled Buttons for Efficient Counting

The 8 buttons on the Digital Differential Counter are labeled with cell names and cell pictures for BASO, EOSIN, MYELO, JUVEN, STAB, SEG, LYMPH, and MONO, making it easy to identify and count each cell type.

Auditory Feedback for Accuracy

The Digital Differential Counter provides auditory feedback to enhance the counting experience. A click sound on each touch confirms the count, and a short beep indicates when you have reached 100 cells, helping to maintain accuracy throughout the process.

Automated Percentage Calculation

The percent button on the Digital Differential Counter can be pushed at any time to automatically calculate the percentages of each cell type, streamlining the data analysis process and saving you valuable time.

High Cell Count Capacity

With the ability to count up to 999 TOTAL cells, the Digital Differential Counter can handle even the most demanding cell counting tasks, ensuring that you can complete your work efficiently.

Versatile Power Options

The Digital Differential Counter can be powered using the included power cord when in the lab, or by installing 2 AA batteries for use in the field, providing you with the flexibility to work in a variety of settings.

Customizable Settings

The function (FUN) button on the Digital Differential Counter allows you to adjust the contrast and monitor the battery energy, ensuring that the device is tailored to your specific needs.

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