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DM on Pneumatic Arm

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Elevate Your Workspace with the DM Dual Mag Stereoscope and Pneu Flex Arm

When it comes to versatility and functionality in the workspace, the combination of the DM Dual Mag Stereoscope and the Pneu Flex Arm from Lab Essentials is unparalleled. This innovative system offers unmatched control and security, allowing you to optimize your work environment for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Versatile Adjustability

The Pneu Flex Arm provides vertical, horizontal, and complete 360° adjustments, giving you the freedom to position the DM Dual Mag Stereoscope precisely where you need it. This level of control ensures that you can maintain a comfortable and ergonomic working posture, reducing strain and fatigue.

Increased Optical Performance

The DM Dual Mag Stereoscope boasts large optics that deliver increased width, working distance, and depth of focus. Additionally, the included 0.5 supplementary lens doubles your field of view, expands your magnification options, and extends your working distance, making it an exceptional choice for hands-under work.

Bright, Shadow-Free Illumination

The recommended 48-bulb LED ring light provides bright, cool, and shadow-free daylight illumination, ensuring that your work area is clearly visible and your samples are well-lit, even during extended sessions.

Uncompromising Quality

The DM Dual Mag Stereoscope is renowned for its exceptional quality, making it a trusted choice in the dental, electronic, and industrial markets. Its robust construction and advanced features ensure reliable performance and a long service life.


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