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Z4 Zoom Embryo-GLO Stereoscope

Z4 Zoom Embryo-GLO Stereoscope

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The Z4 Zoom Stereoscope on the Embryo-GLO Base is the perfect choice for embryo transfer professionals. The Z4 Zoom Stereoscope magnifies from 7x-45x for high-resolution 3-D viewing of embryos, and the 10x eyepieces include a reticle for checking embryo size. Magnification can be increased by upgrading with 15x eyepieces, but most embryo transfer doctors find that 45x is the ideal magnification.

In a traditional stereoscope base, the bulb is mounted below the stage plate. Because it shines directly upward into the eyes of the user, it obscures the view of the embryos. But the Embryo-GLO Base eliminates that problem. Its variable intensity LED bulb is mounted in the rear of the base and shines toward a mirror below the stage plate, providing a clear view of the embryos.  The user-adjustable tilting mirror allows for indirect lighting through embryos at various angles, illuminating the internal structures of the embryos. The double-sided mirror has a clear mirror on one side for bright focused light and a frosted mirror on the other side for diffused illumination. The improved LED illumination system features variable intensity, allowing for brighter light when needed for higher magnifications.

Morphological evaluation of the quality and stage of development of embryos using the Z4 Zoom Stereoscope on Embryo-GLO Base will help to increase fertility rates in embryo transfer programs.

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