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Precise Cell Counting with the Lab Essentials Hemacytometer

Accurate cell counting is a critical task in many laboratory settings, and the Lab Essentials Hemacytometer is designed to provide reliable and consistent results for counting erythrocytes and leukocytes.

Specialized Design for Precise Counting

The Lab Essentials Hemacytometer features a specialized design that includes double rulings, which are visible through a wide range of illumination. The Neubauer rulings are positioned 0.1mm below the cover glass, ensuring accurate measurements.

Dual Counting Areas

The H-shaped moat of the Lab Essentials Hemacytometer offers two distinct counting areas, allowing you to efficiently process your samples and obtain reliable data.

Durable and Precise Construction

The hemacytometer is constructed with fused rhodium on glass, providing distinct lines that ensure accurate cell counting. Additionally, the high light transmission and brightly illuminated lines enhance visibility and ease of use.

Included Cover Slips

The Lab Essentials Hemacytometer comes with two cover slips, providing you with the necessary tools to complete your cell counting tasks.

Consistent Light Transmission

The Lab Essentials Hemacytometer is designed to maintain a light transmission between 29% and 32%, ensuring consistent and reliable results across your measurements.

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