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Portable, Rechargeable Revelation lll Microscope

Portable, Rechargeable Revelation lll Microscope

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The Revelation III Portable USB-powered microscope is ready to travel! The best-selling clinical microscope now has the option of a 5vDC electronics base with a USB power cord, which can be plugged into any USB power block or computer USB port for continuous operation, or into the included battery pack for 8+ hours of portable battery use. The LED light source produces daylight color with no heat and will last up to 20 years. The Revelation III comes equipped with high-resolution 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100xOIL DIN160 Achromatic objectives, and includes either a binocular head or a trinocular head for adding the MiniVID camera. The Revelation III is the top microscope choice for durability and portability in the field.

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