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Portafuge Centrifuge

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Centrifuge Model

Portable Centrifuge for Versatile Applications

In the fast-paced world of healthcare and field research, having a reliable and portable centrifuge can make all the difference. The E8 Portafuge from LW Scientific is designed to provide the power and performance you need, even on the go.

Higher Speeds for Faster Separations

The E8 Portafuge boasts higher speeds, allowing you to achieve faster and cleaner separations of your samples, whether it's blood, urine, semen, or fecal matter.

Quieter Operation and Cooler Temperatures

Engineered for optimal performance, the E8 Portafuge operates quietly, minimizing disruption in your work environment. Additionally, the lower chamber temperatures help to keep your test-tube samples cool, preserving the integrity of your samples.

Auto-Calibrating for Precision Speeds

The E8 Portafuge features an auto-calibrating function, ensuring that the rotor speed is precisely maintained, providing you with accurate and reliable results.

Rapid Braking for Time-Saving Efficiency

Equipped with an auto-brake system, the E8 Portafuge can stop the rotor in less than 20 seconds, saving you valuable time and streamlining your workflow.

Portable and Versatile Design

The E8 Portafuge is designed to be truly portable, with the included car seat allowing you to securely strap the centrifuge into your vehicle. Simply plug the power outlet cord into your car's 12V power source, and you're ready to go.

Discover the world of efficient laboratory operations with our cutting-edge Portable Centrifuge. As one of the world's leading suppliers of laboratory equipment, we understand the need for reliable, high-quality equipment. Our portable centrifuge offers just that, making it a vital tool for both clinical and research applications.

Compact and user-friendly, the portable centrifuge is designed to meet the demands of modern laboratories. It is built for durability and effective operation, meaning it can service a variety of uses from DNA replication to blood sample analysis, ensuring fast and precise results. Because of its portability, it is equally effective in fieldwork, improving the reach and potential of your research endeavours.

But our portable centrifuge does more than just centrifugation. With innovative features such as a user-friendly interface, variable speeds, and a selection of rotors, it provides a level of versatility that is unparalleled in the market. So, whether you are conducting routine laboratory tests or groundbreaking scientific research, our portable centrifuge offers the perfect solution for your centrifugation needs.

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