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Zip-IQ TT Test Tube Centrifuge

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Compact Power and Precision: The LW Scientific Zip-IQ TT Centrifuge

In the fast-paced world of clinical and laboratory work, having a reliable and efficient centrifuge is essential for processing a wide range of biological samples. The LW Scientific Zip-IQ TT Centrifuge offers a compact and powerful solution that is designed to meet the needs of healthcare and research professionals.

6-Place Capacity for Versatile Sample Processing

The Zip-IQ TT Centrifuge features a 6-place rotor, allowing you to spin blood, urine, and other fluids in 1.0ml to 15ml test tubes and microtubes. This versatile capacity ensures that you can handle a variety of sample types with a single instrument.

Space-Saving Design without Sacrificing Performance

Despite its compact size, the Zip-IQ TT Centrifuge is a sturdy and heavy-duty unit, with suction-cupped feet for added stability. This space-saving design allows you to conserve valuable counter space in your lab without compromising on performance.

Intuitive Digital Controls for Precise Operation

The Zip-IQ TT Centrifuge features digital controls that enable you to easily adjust the speed and time with the touch of a finger. The real-time speed and time remaining display provide you with constant feedback, ensuring that you can achieve the desired results.

Powerful and Quiet Operation

Equipped with a powerful, maintenance-free, brushless motor, the Zip-IQ TT Centrifuge can spin at speeds up to 5,000rpm (2,500g), producing serum in as little as 5 minutes. Impressively, the unit operates quietly, creating a more peaceful environment in your lab.

Efficient Braking and Automatic Lid Release

The Zip-IQ TT Centrifuge features an auto-brake system that stops the rotor in just 10 seconds, saving you valuable time. Additionally, the lid pops open automatically upon completion, further streamlining your workflow.

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