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ZipCombo Centrifuge

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Versatile Micro-Centrifugation with the LW Scientific ZipCombo

In the fast-paced world of clinical and laboratory work, having a reliable and efficient micro-centrifuge is essential for processing a wide range of biological samples. The LW Scientific ZipCombo offers a comprehensive solution that can handle all your micro-centrifugation needs.

High-Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

The ZipCombo provides the same level of performance as popular "STAT" centrifuges, but at a significantly lower cost. This makes it an accessible and practical choice for healthcare and research professionals.

Rapid Sample Processing

The ZipCombo can spin down microhematocrit tubes at 12,000 rpm in just 3 minutes, and can also spin micro tubes at 12,000 rpm to separate serum in the same timeframe. The digital controls allow you to easily adjust the speed to spin urines in microtubes as well.

Adaptable Rotor Options

The ZipCombo features easily changeable rotors, allowing you to adapt the centrifuge to your specific sample processing requirements. This flexibility ensures that you can handle a wide range of applications, including blood, urine, DNA separation, and HPLC microfiltration.

Space-Saving Design

Despite its powerful performance, the ZipCombo has a small footprint, helping you conserve valuable counter space in your lab or clinic.

Included EZ Reader Microhematocrit Reader

When you order the ZipCombo with the microhematocrit rotor, the EZ Reader Microhematocrit Reader is included, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your micro-centrifugation needs.

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